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With over two decades' experience each working for some of the world's most prominent business and political leaders and organizations, MC500's principals have developed a special expertise providing discrete, high-level communications, special events and other support to busy executives.

Whether we're writing client or donor correspondence on your behalf, developing speeches and talking points, planning special events, or providing behind-the-scenes support for your philanthropic or community leadership roles, our goal is always the same: to make you look good, make a positive impact and present your best public self to the world. 

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An experienced, trusted and proactive communications strategist and copywriter, Jennifer Bridgman has personally advised some of the nation’s leading political and business leaders, both professionally and personally, on their business, public, personal and philanthropic communications needs.

She has served as a speechwriter for American political leaders and executives; handled constituent communications for public figures and celebrities; crafted communications strategies involving private, highly confidential matters where discretion is everything; developed and implemented fundraising communications strategies for special initiatives; and served as a crisis communications advisor.

Having worked in and with agencies throughout her career, Jennifer is particularly adept at representing the interests and needs of her clients in coordination with (and sometimes in opposition to) the direction of public relations agencies or internal personnel.

Jennifer's liberal arts and law school education, coupled with two decades working in corporate and legal settings, makes her a thoughtful, reasoned, sharp communicator skilled at thinking around all sides of an issue, challenge or goal.

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Brian Hoffman has spent his career living and working around the world working for some of the globe's most prominent families.

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Brian began his career in law enforcement, specializing in public relations campaigns for the police department.


He then transitioned to government security, working under Nelson Mandela’s government during the transition out of apartheid. His first company ran the security, transportation and logistics for the U.S. Embassy in Cape Town and worked closely with the Embassy's public relations and communications teams.


He later branched out to serve corporate and celebrity clientele in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States. Brian has spent over 25 years providing security, transportation, event planning, executive assistance and public relations to special delegations, families, groups, and individuals.

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